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Casino Programs


The most important part about finding a favorite casino is picking one with the best casino loyalty program.  Engage your customers with reward points and then set them loose in a custom, branded environment where they pick and choose their prizes. Casino Rewards is an online program which will allow your players the flexibility to view a wide variety of merchandise and travel reward choices in the comfort of their own home.  Ordering of the rewards will be completed by the Club Personnel at the casino and must be approved by an administrator prior to shipping.  Rewards will be shipped to the players desired location.

Key Benefits Include:

        -  Branded, secure redemption web site
        -  Minimal administration needed
        -  Over 8,000 brand name merchandise and travel rewards
        -  Rewards searchable by category, brand, and point value
        -  Allows flexibility of reward offerings
        -  All merchandise is 100% guaranteed
        -  Toll free Customer Service Center
        -  Real time order status for your players
        -  Dedicated Sales and Customer Support team



Player Demo
(view awards only)
Select a BROWSE button to view appropriate rewards

Club Personnel Demo

(to place a  players reward order)
Enter CASINO for User ID
Enter PERSONNEL3 for Password
Click the LogIn button

Administrator Order Approval Demo
(to approve placed orders for processing)
Enter CASINO for User ID
Enter ADMIN for Password
Click the Login button


Horizon Loyalty  offers a way to deliver an unforgettable ‘WOW’ experience for your players in an arena where they can redeem their players club points for name brand merchandise items. Choosing quality merchandise awards is one of the best ways to ensure your program is positioned for success. With hundreds of brand name manufacturers and thousands of merchandise and travel award selections, we will create a customized award selection to motivate your program participants. 

Key Benefits Include:

        -  Source all merchandise and travel awards
        -  Drop ship selected merchandise for display on site.
        -  Create a branded web-site for previewing all available rewards.
        -  Deliver rewards to recipient or to casino for pick-up by player.
        -  Provide a Customer Service phone number.
        -  On-site assistance available.
        -  Merchandise items are also available for traffic builders.